Re: involvement of users of locale data

Today at 12:38, Roozbeh Pournader wrote:

> Basically, the way to do it would be something like we providing clean
> patches to them and then having translators pushing at them from the
> other side that this is a good idea. Danilo may be in a good position to
> help a lot in this. ;-)

Yeah, I don't expect any problems from maintainers.  If we can clearly
demonstrate advantages that using such a library brings, it's easy to
get them to buy in.  And there are also some developers on this list
already (Christian "chpe" Persch of Epiphany fame) which are certainly
going to help us here. :)

I.e. we'll be reporting bugs about that stuff (there are already quite
a few bugs like that which sit open simply because it's currently
impossible to resolve them in a nice, clean way), and we already know
that GTP is able to influence Gnome in significant ways :)


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