Re: [libxml++] Putting values in a decent data structure

Hello Christophe, hello list :-)

first of all, thanks for your answer.

Am Di, den 01.06.2004 um 15:44 Uhr +0200 schrieb Christophe de VIENNE:
> What makes you think it's inappropriate ? As long as your structures and 
> your xml tree are organised in a similar way, I'd say that using xpath 
> expressions is a bit overkill.
Maybe you're right, but i didn't know exactly, how to access all the
subsequent entries of the <datasource>-tags, I only found the

I now organized the data structures in another way, but my problem is
still the same: it's not easy at all to know when to append a list to
the aequivalent structure of the father node.

If none of you has an additional hint for me, I'll just try to sort it
out somehow. Passing NodeLists will require a rewrite of the methods.

> Either use the NodeLists, either make more precise xpath expression.
I'll look at the xpath tutorial again.

Thanks again for the advices,
have a nice day,

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