[libxml++] xmlpp::DomParser w/ multiple files

     Your group's project is great and I'm helping by using the libraries 
and giving feedback.  I'm not sure if 
there is already something implemented in xmlpp yet but it would be great 
if you could be able to "detach" or 
copy a node (ie. the root node) from the parser so when the parser goes
to open up a second file that the 
original parsed node tree will still exist? 
1.  Open up XML file 1 (xml1) 
2.  Detach the root node from the parser (rn1) 
3.  Open up XML file 2 (xml2) 
4.  still have access to rn1 
     Essentially I will be opening up thousands of xml files into memory
at once, each following a single DTD 
and I would not like to really need 1000 instances of the parser (and
thus probably 1000 loaded copies of the 
DTD into memory) open when all I really want is just a nice simple
memory-efficient tree of nodes that I can 
refer back to. 
     I'm sure I could do it by using the libxml2 libraries, but any way
to do it without going that deep?  Thanks.  
                                            Daniel Hedlund 
                                            dhedlund postoffice utas edu au 

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