Re: [libxml++] [ libxmlplusplus-Patches-719921 ] patch to make it compile on NetBSD

Le Vendredi 11 Avril 2003 22:45, a écrit :
> Initial Comment:
> NetBSD wouldn't compile with only <istream> included
> in ... changing it to <iostream.h> works
> just fine.

This <istream> (which should be <iostream> btw, or at least <ostream>) is 
needed because of a warning printed if an unknown type of node is created.
The annyoing stuff is that this warning is put on std::cout. I'd prefer it to 
be on std::cerr but I think it is not needed at all : We know exactly what 
are the possible types of node of libxml, and I don't see the real need of 
this check.
And if this could happen, it would probably be better to throw an exception.

Stefan, since you wrote this part, what's your opinion ?



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