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So far I got it working. I am doing it asynchronously, which seems to be working pretty well.

Since I am carrying my SoupMessage with me from the server callback (whether it is to a thread or an 
asynchronous cb), occasionally I will get: soup_server_unpause_message: assertion 'SOUP_IS_MESSAGE (msg)' 
failed. Gdb may step in and halt the execution; which is completely understandable.

Because I am out of the server-callback I currently don't know if the SoupMessage is still 'valid'.
How can I determine that the SoupMessage is still in the game?

You need to g_object_ref() the message before returning from the server
callback, and then g_object_unref() it when you are done with it.

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I would like to stream some audio with soup server. How would you go
about something like that? Each browser request will launch the
server callback that does all processing, but I cannot stay in there
looping and sending data. This will block any other requests.
I looked around a bit and found this:
Look at the "SlowData / soup_add_timeout" example.
Is this how you would typically perform streaming tasks or large file
transfers, and not completely locking up your server callback?

You can pause the message with soup_server_pause_message, launch the
task in background and resume it later with

To send data continuously, you can mix that with a chunked response.

soup_message_headers_set_encoding (msg, SOUP_ENCODING_CHUNKED);
soup_server_pause_message (msg);
g_thread_pool_push (pool, msg, NULL);

In the thread pool (or asynchronously via the GMainLoop):

soup_message_body_append_take (data, data_len);
soup_server_unpause_message (msg); // deliver the chunk

// later when done
soup_message_complete (msg);
soup_server_unpause_message (msg);

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