Re: libsoup proxy resolver

On 03/13/2014 12:47 PM, Barry Scott wrote:
In my project I use my own proxy resolver with webkitgtk3 and libsoup.

When I compile I am told that the SOUP_TYPE_PROXY_URI_RESOLVER is

What is the interface that replaces this? It is not documented as far as
I can see.

The online documentation doesn't include deprecated classes, but you can
read the docs out of the source files still. From soup-proxy-uri-resolver.c:

  * Deprecated: #SoupSession now has a #SoupSession:proxy-resolver
  * property that takes a #GProxyResolver (which is semantically
  * identical to #SoupProxyURIResolver).

So, if you need customer proxy resolution, you can implement
GProxyResolver instead of SoupProxyURIResolver. Although there's a good
chance that GSimpleProxyResolver will do what you need, and you can just
create one of those and use that as the session's proxy-resolver.

-- Dan

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