TLS/SSL support not available : Install glib-networking error on virtual machines


I am encountering a strange situation - I am getting error "TLS/SSL support not available : Install glib-networking" ONLY on virtual machines.

I have built webkit-2.2.3 and its related dependencies on Ubuntu 12.04 box. It runs fine so long as its not guest OS. I have even deployed it to a clean ubuntu box to make sure it runs properly.

When I try do same setup using exactly same bits on virtual machine (either on Virtual box or QEMU) I get above error.

Did some more debugging and it looks like g_tls_backend_supports_tls returns false for default back end on virtual box.

I am using following versions of relevant libraries

On the other hand, it does run on amazon ec2 system. Does it have to be how virtual machines interact with network. I have tried qemu, virtual box and microsoft hyperv



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