Re: got_body signal

On Mon, Nov 19, 2007 at 09:49:50AM -0500, Dan Winship wrote:
> Wouter Cloetens wrote:
>> To begin; the documentation tags refer to signals with dashes between
>> the words, but the actual strings have underscores, e.g. got-headers vs.
>> got_headers.
> "-" and "_" are equivalent in signal names. The gtk sources show the same 
> inconsistency in usage... (In particular, I think the issue is that people 
> prefer to use "_" in the actual signal names, but gtk-doc requires you to 
> use "-" in the docs.)

Thanks for the clarification. There should be a list of silly trivia you
need to know about for Glib. ;-)

>> My real issue though: I'm not getting the got_body signal.
> This is with the code you were working on the other day? Unfortunately, 
> after we talked I remembered that there's a bug with using 
> soup_message_io_pause() from within a got_chunk callback. 
> ( I'd previously closed it 
> as NOTABUG, because soup_message_io_pause() was only meant to be used on 
> the server side, but I realize now that there is a legitimate use case for 
> it on the client side too. So there will be a fix for that soon, although 
> I'm not sure when there'll be an actual release.

Thanks Dan, that's great.

> (As for working around the bug in the current sources, the best you can do 
> is to just not use pause/unpause, but instead depend only on starting and 
> stopping the main loop to control I/O. But that means you have to deal with 
> the possibility of multiple chunks being emitted each time you start the 
> loop.)

Hmm, that would buffering even more, when ideally, I'd want a few copies
as possible.
A latest-and-greatest release suits me for my project. Now,
to prevent a packaged GStreamer libsoup source from depending on such a new
release of libsoup, it would be nice to be able to query the library
version at run-time. Any chance of adding a soup_get_version() call that
returns major/minor/revision?

bfn, Wouter

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