Re: random usage notes from a libsoup newbie

On 8/2/07, Dan Winship <danw gnome org> wrote:
> So here's a question: which would be better, getting libsoup into the
> platform soon, warts and all, or taking advantage of its position in the
> desktop to break its API first to fix some of the things you talked about?
Disclaimer first: I'm an API nazi and I think the 6 months of API
fixing that Carl Worth did with cairo was one of the best things
happening to GNOME in ages.

I'd definitely break the API and GObject'ify it completely. I'd also
get knowledgable API people to review it and make suggestions.
(Although I can only think of Owen Taylor here, but there's probably

Question: Does libsoup have bindings? Because bindings people often
find API issues.

And there's also the argument about lots of HTTP libraries (similar
issue to drawing libraries and cairo): I think the one that will win
at the end is the one with thje easiest API, not the one that is
fastest, has the most stable API or the most features.


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