Re: [sigc] Deprecate signal<>::slots() ?

Murray Cumming wrote:

Does anyone actually use sigc::signal<>::slots() to iterate over
connected slots or to remove or add connected slots?

Is there an alternate mechanism to iterate over the slots connected to a signal?

Currently we iterate over the signal's slots to temporarily block (and later unblock) them.  However, this is 
very crude, and we would very much prefer proper sigc::signal<>::block/unblock methods that set a flag on the 
signal itself (rather than on its slots) because:

1. Blocking slots requires keeping tracking of which slots weren't already blocked so that they won't be 
unblocked later.
2. Blocking a signal's slots won't affect slots connected to the signal afterward.

So if you could add sigc::signal<>::block/unblock methods, then we could stop using sigc::signal<>::slots 
(and have a better mechanism to do what we want).

- James

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