Re: [sigc] ANNOUNCE: libsigc++ 2.0.5

Am 07.09.2004 01:51:49 schrieb(en) Timothy M. Shead:
Martin Schulze wrote:

Could the MSVC users give some feedback whether there are still problems building or using the library with the 2.0.5 tarball, please?

What about the outstanding problem about memory allocation and deallocation in library code versus inline functions?! Is this causing any troubles and does anybody prepare a patch?

Sounds like James Lin is already on this, but thought I'd confirm that the 2.0.5 tarball builds cleanly with MSVC 7.1, with some harmless warnings in the test cases (e.g. conversion from a float to an int),

Could you please post the name of the concrete test case and the compiler output? These warnings don't appear in the gcc build and probably they should be fixed.

but most test cases generate asserts in the C runtime, which
I assume is what you're talking about.

Maybe this is what I'm talking about - I don't know the symptoms of the allocation/deallocation problem. Please someone open a bug report for this (or update the existing ones - no time to look this up myself, now)!



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