RE: [gtkmm] Re: [sigc] Abandoning gcc 2.9*?

Says it all really. 2.9 is 5 years old and sucks for C++. It's not that
hard to install two gcc's on one machine for all those *BSD users who
want to build gtkmm. At the end of the day gtkmm uses templates and you
need a compiler that supports them properly.

gcc 3.2 is over 18 months old and it's free. If people are developing
they should know enough to install a compiler and all modern Linuces
come with at leat gcc 3.2.

Do we now the oldest version of gcc 3.x that will compile libsigc++?


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Murray Cumming Comneon com schrieb:
> I'll ask this again, using the correct version number:
> Libsigc++ 2 does not build with gcc 2.95 (or even gcc <3.2). So if we 
> Libsigc++ use it
> in gtkmm 2.4, gtkmm will also not be able to use gcc 2.9*.

Go for it, even the 'official' _woody_backport_ of gtkmm2 already uses 
gcc 3.0. [Woody is what I would call a dinosaur system for gtk2] And 
2.9x was never an option for me ever since I encountered the 
dynamic_cast bug (see SIGSEGV with glademm, gtk2 and gcc 2.95) about one

year ago.


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