Re: [gtkmm] Re: [sigc] Abandoning gcc 2.9*?

Huxley, Nick: IT (NYK) schrieb:

Says it all really. 2.9 is 5 years old and sucks for C++. It's not that
hard to install two gcc's on one machine for all those *BSD users who
want to build gtkmm. At the end of the day gtkmm uses templates and you
need a compiler that supports them properly.

gcc 3.2 is over 18 months old and it's free. If people are developing
they should know enough to install a compiler and all modern Linuces
come with at leat gcc 3.2.

Using binary incompatible compilers on one machine is a major pain. You have to make sure that each and every C++ library you want to use is compiled with the same compiler. So abandoning the compiler used to compile nearly any other library present on the system is not an easy choice.

I simply wanted to say that nowadays g++-3.x-only systems are commonplace. Drop support for 2.9x, but don't tell people that switching to a binary incompatible compiler is a piece of cake.


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