Re: [sigc] freeze signal when emitting

pclouds wrote:
> I'm using libsigc++ 1.2. I have a problem with signal/slot. I have a
> signal A which connect to slot B. Slot B, when called, will connect or
> disconnect other slots to signal A.

So far, so good, that should be supported.

> When i emit signal A, it call slot B, which connect new slot (C) to
> signal A. Then the emittion procedure call slot C after B finish. But
> i don't want that. I want to be able to add slot C to A but A won't
> call C until the next emission. Can i do that with libsigc++ 1.2?

No. There is no API to specify where to add a slot (in 1.2 that is, I'm not 
sure about the upcoming 2).

> Disconnecting a slot from a signal when emitting also causes problems.

Huh? What is "problems"? In case you suspect a real bug, please make a minimal 
example and describe what it does and what you expected.


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