[sigc] freeze signal when emitting

I'm using libsigc++ 1.2. I have a problem with signal/slot. I have a
signal A which connect to slot B. Slot B, when called, will connect or
disconnect other slots to signal A.
When i emit signal A, it call slot B, which connect new slot (C) to
signal A. Then the emittion procedure call slot C after B finish. But
i don't want that. I want to be able to add slot C to A but A won't
call C until the next emission. Can i do that with libsigc++ 1.2?
Disconnecting a slot from a signal when emitting also causes problems.
I tried to make a copy of A and emit on the copy. But the copy is
not a real copy :(
I don't know if this can be solved with newer libsigc++. I'm using a
pre-built gtkmm for Windows, which ships with libsigc++ 1.2. So i
hardly move to newer libsigc++ release.
Anyone help me, please?
Bi Cờ Lao

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