Re: [sigc] ANNOUNCE: libsigc++ 1.9.11

Martin Schulze wrote:
Um, I should have warned you: you have edited generated files!
Most .h files are generated from equally named .h.m4 files...

Yes, I knew that, but I didn't have the guts to edit the m4 files themselves - I figured if I'd get the headers to compile, you could find out what would have to be changed to the m4 files.

Could you try to build a checkout from anoncvs tomorrow or so?

I have a checkout from gnome anoncvs, and the m4 files have the changes as you describe them, but the script doesn't work on the cygwin setup I have here. I have also tried it on the only Linux box I have access to (don't know the distro, has libtool 1.3.5-1, I cannot upgrade the machine) Could someone run the so that everything gets into the same state it is when a release is made, and either send that to me, or put it up for download somewhere? Or is there a way I can get this to work with Cygwin? Maybe the ./ way isn't the correct way to do it? One other thing: is it correct that you haven't added the msvc projects files directory yet?



The only problem left should be the one in now,
where the compiler doesn't want to handle char [] arrays.
(And the mysterious warnings about conversion from size_t to
unsigned short for std::cout << sig_xyz.size().)



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