Re: libseed-list Seed Documentaion Genoration problem for TelepathyGLib

There are bugs in the GIRepository.gir - I keep meaning to report it on bugzilla (gobject-introspection is under glib)

Basically GIArgument is not exported - They might have fixed it, but I've not checked recently.

This is the trick at present.

Use the girepository.gir from here..
g-ir-compile GIRepository-2.0.gir -o GIRepository-2.0.typelib

make a copy of /usr/lib/girepoistory-1.0/GIRepository-2.0.typelib
copy that over it.


 --- On 25/Aug/2011, Siraj Razick wrote: 
> Hi :)
> I'm trying to genorate seed documentation for upstream telepathy-glib 
> installed in my system, but when ever I try to run it with "seed docs.js 
> /tmp/doc/ TelepathyGLib"
> I get an error :
> ** (seed:15994): CRITICAL **: Line 34 in 
> /home/siraj/projects/collabora/webkit/upstream/workspace/introspection-doc-generator/Introspect/Constant.js: 
> TypeError 'undefined' is not a constructor (evaluating 'new GI.Argument()')
> Any idea what's wrong here ?
> Regards,
> Siraj
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