libseed-list js extensions for native modules

The gi_importer tries to import extensions/name.js by evaluating "". It would be nice if this also worked for native modules, I imagine it to be quite common that you write a module with core parts in C and some high-level stuff in js.

The question is, how should this be handled regarding searchpaths etc?

If your module is installed in /usr/local/lib/seed, then you probably installed the extension js in /usr/local/share/seed/extensions, and imports.extensions would be the right thing.

But what happens if your module is installed somewhere else? It should probably start with the same dir as the native module, then go on with imports.searchPath, and if the file is found call seed_importer_handle_file() on it..

BTW, what happens if you have 'extensions' folder in more than one search path? will search for 'foo' in all of those or only the first match for 'extensions'? Just doing a 'imports.extensions' will of course create only one dir_importer for that folder, hiding possible 'extensions' folders later in the searchpath. I don't know if this is a good thing...


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