Hello there.

My name is Pablo and I'm from Spain.

I wanted to let you know that I have started using libchamplain for my
GSoC 2012 project, which is called Studio[0].

This is a project related with wireless communities and I use
libchamplain to visualize an XML file containing information about the
nodes (e.g. location, hardware, links...).
You have a screenshot here[1].
I'm using Python for this project and using libchamplain through gobject
introspection (I really love this feature).

I'm also a GNOME developer but I have been inactive lately because of
the university and now I'm happy to be able to contribute back to this
community again :-)

I've already submitted some patches to improve the documentation and
another to fix the Python demo.

I'll send another email with questions and bug reports.

Thanks for your work, guys!



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