[ANNOUNCE] libchamplain 0.6

Hello everyone,

libchamplain 0.6 is out. There hasn't been much exciting since 0.5.2;
here's a brief list of changes:

* Add dummy ChangeLog file (Łukasz Jernaś)
* Fix a problem on some machines when tiles are being destroyed (Jiří Techet)
* Add minimal demos (Jiří Techet)
* Some other minor fixes (Jiří Techet)

For more details refer to git log.

This is probably the right place to point out several
incompatibilities with the 0.4 branch. There have been many changes in
the API so it's possible you encounter some errors while compiling
your program, but these should be easy to fix. However, there are two
gotchas if you are upgrading from the previous stable release mainly
because your sources will compile just fine, but when running it,
unexpected things happen:

1. ChamplainMapSource and ChamplainPolygon inherit from
GInitiallyUnowned now and g_object_ref_sink() is called on them. The
practical consequence is that you MUST NOT call g_object_unref() once
you insert them to ChamplainView, otherwise your application will
crash. libchamplain takes ownership of them so you don't have to care
about their deallocation any more.

2. If you want to create a cached map source, call
champlain_map_source_factory_create_cached_source() instead of
champlain_map_source_factory_create(). The latter function will just
create the bare map source without any caching. So if it seems to you
the tiles don't get cached, this is probably the cause.

We're late with this release but I'll do my best to follow the gnome
schedule for the following release. In a few days I'll send a few
ideas what I'd like to have implemented for 0.8.



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