Libchamplain and GNOME 3.0


I hope this mail doesn't get too convoluted, but I wanted to branch
the discussion into a separate thread and write some issues/ideas I
have regarding the whole GNOME 3.0 thing. Hmm, ok, this issue came up
on d-d-l when I was drafting this email, so forgive me some

As it stands now libchamplain seems to be 3.0 compliant, but some of
it's external dependencies are lacking. Clutter-gtk will be gtk+3
compliant soon (as noted on desktop-devel-list) so that only leaves us
with libsoup, which depends on libproxy. There I see a small problem,
because libproxy is hosted outside the GNOME infrastructure and seems
to use system wide GConf keys which aren't yet implemented in any way
in GNOME 3.0, so until this arrives we can't move on. Also to minimal
Vala version for 3.0 will be 0.9.2.
Other that that (and the python bindings) we should be good…

BTW Jiří can you make the Vala bindings enabled by default for 3.0?

Łukasz [DeeJay1] Jernaś

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