Re: New maintainer

Hi Jiří,

On 22.04.2010 22:43, Jiří Techet wrote:
First I would like to apply the patch I have proposed here

which makes it possible to compile libchamplain without memphis
support. Please let me know if there is something fundamentally wrong
with it or if it complicates bindings preparation. Otherwise I'm going
to apply it.

I'm fine with these changes. As long as local rendering is not completely removed. ;-)

Memphis was initially an optional dependency, but there were concerns that it would cause problems if chanplain's API is 'dynamic' and different versions would be distributed in different distributions.

Btw: Memphis is now packaged for Mandriva and it will enter Debian in the next days.

Second, I'd like to know from the bindings maintainers what the status
of their bindings is and how much time they expect it will take to
update them for 0.6. This will influence further planning. If I'm not
mistaken, the maintainers of current bindings are

Victor - Python
Emmanuel - Perl
Tomaž - Vala

Is Tomaž working on Vala bindings for 0.5? I think we should stop writing them by hand and generate them from the gobject-introspection files (and additional metadata).
Is anyone aware of any blockers or serious bugs in the mainline? Does
anyone have any patches he feels that should appear in 0.6? Are there
any pending patches that I haven't noticed and that should be
reviewed? Please let me know.

The new reference policy for certain objects will probably cause many bugs in applications.

Please document the memory management and cache changes you did, so people can easily port their existing applications to 0.6. A small How-To would be great.
Since this is my very first experience being a maintainer of an open
source project, there is a very high probability I'll screw up
something horribly sooner or later. Please be patient with me.



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