Some branches have moved


Just to point out to people that'll stop working directly on the
mainline repository on gitorious [1]. From now on, my personal branches
will be on pierlux-clone, and I'll merged them, after review, to the
mainline repository.

Explicitly, this means that the following branches have been moved from
mainline to pierlux-clone:
      * shadow: some shadow improvements (including blur)
      * clutter1.0: a port to Clutter 1.0, to be merged when it is
      * scale: a first try at displaying a scale at the bottom left,
        needs to be ported to 0.3
      * route: beginning of an API for Route drawing

mainline now contains only 2 branches:
      * master: active development branch
      * 0.2.x: 0.2 series branch

I thought I should tell you just in case you were tracking those. :)



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