FOSDEM presentation a success and plans


Just a quick note to tell you that the FOSDEM presentation I gave went really well.  There was a good crowd and they seemed very interested.  May be we'll get new contributors soon!

Regarding plans, you will find in the git repository that the master branch now has version 0.3. Odd versions are for development cycle, and even release number are API stable and production releases.  This is the same numbering scheme than Clutter.  For instance, I already broke the API in 0.3 by changing champlain_view_new ()'s parameters.  There as been a lot of code clean-ups to a more consistent coding style (Telepathy's, since it is one I like and am using everyday).

In the next weeks, I'll be busy copying part of the work I did on the MVC branch to the master branch.  Each commit of the master branch should always compile and be in a reasonable working state.  If not, we need to submit bugs.

Doing the work like that will allow other persons to contribute to implement the 0.4 version of libchamplain.  Plans for that release include: having a ChamplainMapSource object to abstract map sources and being able to draw routes, along with API clean-ups and bug fixes.  If you want to help on something in particular, just ping me!

See you on IRC,


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