decel-rate of a view


I find that if I set the decel-rate of a view I get the following error message:

CRITICAL **: champlain_view_set_decel_rate: assertion `CHAMPLAIN_IS_VIEW (view) && rate > 2.0 && rate < 0' failed

This can be reproduced by adding the line:
g_object_set (G_OBJECT (view), "decel-rate", 1.0, NULL);

at somewhere around line 169 in the demo program launcher-gtk.c, then monitoring the terminal output.

Maybe the logic in champlain_view_set_decel_rate is the wrong way round?

What is the correct procedure if I think there is a problem somewhere in libchamplain? Ask here on this mailing list first to see if I get a response, or just make an entry on

Colin Clark..

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