Re: Shader coders?

Hi Pierre,

Pierre-Luc Beaudoin wrote:
To blur the shadow of markers, I though we could use a shader.  Well, I
don't have that knowledge or the time to learn how to write them :)
I'm not sure that a shader is really the way to go here, besides the complexity of doing it you'd also be drastically limiting the platforms that libchamplain can work on. A number of free graphics drivers (most notably the intel ones) only have very limited/no shader support. Also the OpenGL|ES 1.x specification doesn't make any provision for shaders as far as I'm aware (2.0 does, but I don't think this is widely implemented in hardware yet).

I haven't looked at the code/feature in question yet, so I could be mistaken with my assumptions, but why not just use a pre-blurred shadow image (in a similar way to google maps)?


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