Re: Dutch Tax software violates the LGPL (Glib/GTK+)

On Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 6:29 PM, Stefan de Konink <stefan konink de> wrote:

>> Note that the LGPL license is designed such that modules like Glib
>> and GTK+ can be used by non-free applications.  So, it is acceptable
>> to use them in non-free programs.  Many third-parties (such as Adobe
>> Reader, RealPlayer, etc.) provide non-free programs which link against
>> libraries like Glib and GTK+, and there are no licensing issues with
>> doing so.
> True, but they probably like dynamically, aka to system available
> libraries. This program is a statically linked as a binary thing. I
> thought the LGPL prohibited this usage?

I'm looking into it in more detail right now, but offhand, it does
look like an LGPL violation.

Stefan, the legal team is a little short on dutch speakers so your
assistance would be helpful. Can you tell us who you have contacted
about this problem in the past, and/or who you think would be useful
to contact at this time?


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