Re: [LaTeXila] Bug in Ubuntu Beta Builds?


On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 08:21:56PM +0100, Philipp Specht wrote:
> I've just now tried to run Latexila 2.3.0-1~oneiric~ppa0 (from the
> testing PPA) on a fully patched Xubuntu 11.10, but it crashes right away
> with a segfault -- full output attached, as is a gdb backtrace. I've
> compiled 2.3.0 from the release tarball myself, that version works just
> fine.

With the version from from the PPA, does it always crash with a 
segfault? Or does it crash only randomly?

> I wasn't sure whether to file a bug report, since this doesn't seem to
> be a bug in Latexila itself but in the PPA package. If you need any
> additional information and/or want me to create a bug report anyway,
> just let me know, I'm happy to help.

When you suspect the bug to be specific to the distribution's package, 
it's better to report the bug downstream (to the distribution, in 
launchpad for Ubuntu or the PPA) instead of upstream (here or in the 
gnome bugzilla).

Anyway, thanks for the backtrace from GDB, it was really useful to 
locate in the code where the bug occurs (although the debug information 
were not installed).

Best regards,

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