Re: python-keyring

2010/3/25 Francesco Marella <francesco marella gmail com>:
> Il giorno mer, 24/03/2010 alle 19.46 +0200, Reinis Zumbergs ha scritto:
>> Hello!
>> The new kupfer for karmic from PPA depends on python-keyring - package
>> that I only managed to find for lucid.
>> Reinis
> Hi Reinis,
> thank you for reporting this bug.
> Looks like the package that provide the keyring module is named
> "python-gnomekeyring" and the module itself is named "gnomekeyring".
> I'll upload a new working package soon, sorry for the inconvenience.
> cheers,
> Francesco


It's my error that I forgot to mention the added dependency on
python-keyring in the News file, sorry about that.

gnomekeyring is probably not the same module, probably not compatible
with keyring. keyring is a convenience module for using either its
fallback file storage, or gnome keyring or kwallet (or something

If anyone has problems that are gnome keyring-specific, I sugest
uninstalling gnomekeyring if you can (leaving python-keyring) and it
will use a simple file to store passwords (should be
~/.config/kupfer/keyring.cfg )


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