Re: [jokosher-devel] David Williams

Nothing much to add, just want to say keep up the hard work David :)

Once I get round to installing Linux again I hope to contribute myself.


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>   1. Weekly Report 07 - 12/07/2010 (David Williams)
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> From: David Williams <redache googlemail com>
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> Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 22:29:08 +0100
> Subject: [jokosher-devel] Weekly Report 07 - 12/07/2010
> Hi everyone,
> Here's my report for this week, I haven't done as much as I'd like but
> I hope that next week I'll get more done. I've been struggling a bit
> with modifying the existing code as I'm not used to it. You can find
> the blog post at [0] as well as a mid term summary at [1]. You can
> also find the Bzr branch of the current code at [2].
> ----------------------------Weekly Report text---------------------
> What I've done this week:
> This week I've been working on getting a stave/staff to draw correctly
> in the score track. After some discussion with my Mentor we've decided
> that the best way to represent the scores is to have a midi track
> option for every track that currently exists and have the instrument
> change to whatever has been selected ( so an electric guitar for
> electric guitar scores etc.). I've been struggling with trying to get
> the cache overridden so that I can base it on beats/measures and I'd
> hoped that I'd have that work finished by the end of the week but I've
> had some family issues to deal with which has meant I haven't had the
> time to do it towards the end of the week. That's all sorted so I plan
> on doing as much work as possible this week to get the cache
> overridden and the notes adding ability nearly completed.
> You can find the screenshot at [3].
> Hopefully I'll have more to report on by the end of next week and
> maybe something that actually has some use!.
> What I plan to do next week:
> Actually finish a lot of the drawing elements for the Score tracks and
> have the rudimentary ability to add notes.
> What I've learned:
> That modifying existing code can be more difficult than I thought.
> There are a lot of things to consider and I think my lack of
> experience/skill has really hampered my efforts in the last few weeks.
> Hopefully I'll be able to overcome these issues and have the work
> finished by the end of the Summer Of Code as I'm worried that I might
> not reach the end with a finished product at this point.
> [0] -
> [1] -
> [2] -
> [3] -
> Thanks for reading,
> David Williams
> Extending Jokosher with a Musical Notation Editor.
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