Re: [jokosher-devel] [PATCH] Fixed bug #119700 and removed RecView/MixerStrip control button redundancy


That was actually the last patch john sent to the mailing list. The
buttons no longer toggle *between* the views, they now just toggle each
view individually. I know this is deviating from your original spec, and
I know that it seems weird but we are trying it out as there are several
advantages to this way.

This way allows you to remove the redundant recording view inside
compact mix view (which was bad for implementation reasons and because
you couldn't see only the compact mix view). Now the user can choose if
they want each view visible or not.

Also this allows us to incorporate another view such as the shelf which
doesn't have a use case to be visible on its own. You will be able to
toggle the shelf to have it come up underneath the recording view. The
shelf can then be used to drag clips on and off the recording view. This
would not work with the old workspace design.

This is an experiment which is not complete yet so we won't be changing
the behaviour back right away. That said, we would like to find a
solution that works in the ways I described above and makes sense to

I think the current implementation is crazy! I might be missing
something, but it is very confusing to have four possible toggle
options between two views. We have two workspaces with one button
each, why can't we keep this behaviour - it makes much more sense in
my mind - the user can simply click the button for the right view.


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