Re: [jokosher-devel] [PATCH] Fixed solo button behaviour

I strongly disagree that it is un-discoverable. Everyone who have
worked with computer for some time knows that CTRL is multiple

My pick about usability of Jokosher is that we are trying to achieve
some new ground here. Staying with old errors (like multiple solo
selections *by default*), in my opinion, is not right. For information
and avoiding confusion we could have tool tip on button Solo, which
informs about possibility to select multiple channels with CTRL.

Again, of course, it is just my two bits of though,

2007/6/20, Nick Murtagh <nickmurtagh gmail com>:
On 20/06/07, Panos Laganakos <panos laganakos gmail com> wrote:
> 2. If I hold down Ctrl+click, I can set more than one channel to solo.

Which is, of course, completely un-discoverable... this is why multiple-select
dropdowns are a bad idea (a list of items with checkboxes is better).
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