Re: [jokosher-devel] Jokosher packages on other distributions

On 12/06/07, Francis Giannaros <francis giannaros org> wrote:
Looks like the site was updated but it still has:

> Installing on something other than Ubuntu
>       Source Tarball  DOWNLOAD

This is a bit of a shame as Jokosher is even easier to set up on other
distributions (or has been for a long time) than it is on Ubuntu. The
message implies that all other users need to compile it, which just
isn't true. There are even far more helpful instructions for other
distributions already on as

No chance of other distributions getting a helpful message on there?
I'm curious as to why it's so exclusive =)

Kind thoughts,

Francis Giannaros
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Its a good point well made. I suppose as the only member of the packaging team this is my responsibility :p

The truth is that:

- Jokosher devs are to my knowledge all ubuntu users
- No other distros included it by default until very recently due to its bleeding edge requirements until recently (Fedora 7 now has it installable with yum and I think Gentoo users have an ebuild available to them)
- The big Jokosher pimping session is probably on hold until version 1.0 is released

That said, if someone with access to the website could update with the above that would be good. I am happy to do it if given the necessaries.



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