Re: [jokosher-devel] Test recording and bugs

On 1/22/07, Laszlo Pandy <laszlok2 gmail com> wrote:
Now I understand what you meant when you said you are going to
concentrate on the community instead of coding. This is awesome for
community building.


You said that this was only going to be a one time podcast, but I think
it would be really cool to continue it as Jokosher's voice to the
community. Since nibil already reports all the Jokosher changes and
happenings on a weekly basis, this podcast would only have to be once
per month, and the schedule could be flexible if no one has time one
month. Plus we could do all sorts of stuff like recorded
discussions/debates (the play/pause button for example) which would
really get users involved in the development of Jokosher (I am thinking
this would be particularly good for usability feedback). Also we could
have guests hosts (such as myself) and bring up issues, feature and
support requests that the community sends us by email or posts on the

Yeah, I will continue to make episodes. I think it is a useful way of
growing the community and a great way to keep on testing Jokosher. So
yep, consider me volunteered to do this. :)

Btw, these two bugs are also fixed now. All 5 of the bugs Jono reported
last night have been fixed. Now if only everyone else reported as many
bugs as Jono, I could fix them. ;)

This is awesome. I think just a few other little things which I will
report, and editing will be pretty rock solid. :)


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