Re: [jokosher-devel] [Usability] Play/Pause or Play and Pause buttons in Jokosher

Calum Benson wrote:

The arguments against:

- "Stop" has no real meaning in digital media, "Pause" is sufficient, so
you're only ever going to need Play and Pause functions, which are
effectively opposite states.  And it's spatially inefficient to have two
buttons for opposite states, ergo you only need one button.

Well in Jokosher stop kind of has a function. Pause keeps the audio at the current position (so you can hit play and pick up where you left off) whereas stop will take you back to the beginning.

Personally, I blame Apple.  Until the iPod came along, every CD player
(and of course cassette player) I ever owned had separate Play, Pause
and Stop buttons.  But that wouldn't have fitted so nicely onto a
clickwheel, so now everyone's used to overloaded buttons :)

I blame apple too. Banshee seems to copy a lot of things from iTunes, and that would include their play/pause button, which totem now uses as well. However Jokosher is different from either banshee, totem or rhythmbox in the fact that we require a stop button. Currently we use a play toggle button just like rhythmbox. Is it worth trying to keep Jokosher's play/pause button consistent with any of these applications since the stop button is already inconsistent with them all?


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