[jokosher-devel] [PATCH] Instrument view tweaks


First of all, your project rocks! After I have played around with Apple
Garageband for a while at a friend's, I decided to try Jokosher as I
already heard from it, and I must say you've done a great work so far! :)

I wanted to give something back to you, and so I wrote a small patch
[1]. It's fairly trivial, but pretty user-visible: it should tweak the
instrument view and controls to look a bit nicer and be a slight bit
more usable. I hope I can help you with further code contributions;
unfortunately I have no knowledge of gstreamer whatsoever, but I know
Python pretty well and have also already done some Gtk+ development, so
I would be glad to help Jokosher in UI respects.

I also already have a UI-related question regarding Jokosher: why did
you choose to have a separate mixing view? This concept seems a bit
problematic too me. One problem, for instance, is volume levels: whereas
you set per-instrument volume levels in mixing view, you can't configure
timeline-based volume level changes inside an instrument, this must be
done in the editing view. Why not have simple sliders for balance and
volume in the instrument view, maybe in an expander to save space?

Anyway, I like your project and hope I can make to make it rock even
more! :)

Denis Washington

[1] The patch; https://bugs.launchpad.net/jokosher/+bug/132210

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