Re: [jokosher-devel] Heading towards 1.0

I'm a little unclear on this. Do you mean the release candidate goes into
edgy+1 or 1.0 final does? Edgy+1 will be about April which will be a while
after our 1.0.

Ah, that was what Laszlo meant about the universe freeze, though. The
point is to get a stable and solid version of Jokosher into edgy+1,
and universe freeze for that will be March, so the key point is to get
something good and solid done for February so that we have the chance
to fix it up during Feb itself ready to be frozen into Edgy+1.

My personal thought is something like this:

November: release 0.2
Nov - Feb: make all the stuff we've got rock-solid and great; write
the documentation; make sure it's all good; don't add anything
massively revolutionary.
early Feb: release Jokosher 1.0 beta
(mid-Feb: do some 1.0 release candidates, if we need to)
late Feb: release Jokosher 1.0, based on any feedback from people's
use of 1.0 beta
early March: edgy+1 universe freezes, with Jokosher 1.0 in it
mid March -> whenever: we start working on Jokosher 1.1, the uberbling
release where we do all the cool ideas that we weren't allowed to do
in 1.0, like Telepathy integration :)


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