Re: [jokosher-devel] Jokosher won't launch after r764.

--- Laszlo Pandy <laszlok2 gmail com> wrote:

> With the current revision of SVN, Jokosher fails to
> launch complaining 
> about the inability to register a new GType. Lukas
> reported this on IRC 
> and its really bizarre. I spent some time figuring
> out how to fix it, 
> but I still have no clue why it happened in the
> first place:
> Warning: cannot register existing type `TimeView'
>    class TimeView(gtk.EventBox):
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>    File "./Jokosher/Jokosher", line 105, in ?
>      localFileOrGlobalFileImport("JokosherApp")
>    File "./Jokosher/Jokosher", line 33, in
> localFileOrGlobalFileImport
>      globals()[importName] = __import__("Jokosher."
> + importName, None, 
> None, True)
>    File 
> line 14, in ?
>      import AddInstrumentDialog, TimeView,
> CompactMixView
>    File 
> line 17, in ?
>      class TimeView(gtk.EventBox):
> RuntimeError: could not create new GType
> I'm not sure why it effects or why it
> has anything at all to 
> do with a GType, but this is caused by python not
> being able to find the 
> pkg_resources module that is used to load python
> eggs.

It seems you get this error message if you import any
unknown module after is imported. Before you get:-

Cannot find local file
Cannot find system Jokosher installation.

instead, which is interesting. 

I would suspect that python is not generating a stack
trace correctly when it fails to import a file, and so
we're seeing the previous stack trace that is caught
(as I understand python it generates the stack trace
then deals with the exception so caught exceptions
generate the stack trace but dont display it)

I cant prove this of course so I may be wrong, but if
you still get this error after installing
python-setuptools then you are probably missing
another imported module.


> P.S. Its thanksgiving in Canada this weekend, so I
> won't be back until 
> Tuesday. I'll see everyone then, and hopefully Jono
> too :)
> Laszlo

Happy thanksgiving :)

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