Re: [jokosher-devel] Set fixed bugs to fix-released

When you fix a bug, set it to fix-released in Launchpad. It seems
there is no method of tell all fix-commited bugs to change to
fix-released. So it makes sense to just set all fixed bugs to

Something I was planning to look at is whether a project in Launchpad
can have individual milestones set; it ought, in a perfect world, to
be possible to tell Launchpad that "we've just released milestone 0.2
as Jokosher version 0.2, and it's available *here*". This might
already be possible; if it isn't then I'll talk to the LP team about
making it so, but I wouldn't be too surprised if they've already done
this but we just don't know how.


Also, thank you for reducing my productivity by introducing me to
          -- Tim

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