Re: [jokosher-devel] [PATCH] Update the file with comments and add myself to the credits :)

David Corrales wrote:
Yesterday I submitted the file used to properly build the distribution tarballs with Distutils. Everyone can try it by going into the trunk folder and typing: python sdist. A folder dist will be created, containing a tarball with all necessary files. This patch simply adds a header comment to the file (I don't know why I didn't try adding a comment before submitting!).

The authors patch only adds my name to the credits :) :)

Finally, I updated the script with some more meta-information. The only thing missing is a proper main contact email, so it reads email jokosher org <mailto:email jokosher org> as a placeholder for now.

Nice job. I think its also about time you got yourself SVN commit access. Ask Jono, since he's the one who hands them out.


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