Some updates from the GNOME Sysadmin Team


some time has passed since my latest update so here we come with a few items I've been working on on the past two weeks.

New infrastructure-announce mailing list

From the 8th of May a new mailing list has been started for all the announcements about downtimes, outages, maintenances related to the GNOME Infrastructure. As a side note the mail you are currently reading will be the last that will be kept CCed on desktop-devel-list and foundation-list. Please take a little minute to subscribe yourself to the new list at [1] to not loose any of the updates from the GNOME Sysadmin Team.



As you may have noticed our Jabber server currently doesn't allow you to add any JID not equal to JID jabber gnome org, that means you can't chat with people having a JID registered on a different server than the one hosted on the GNOME Infrastructure. The problem is related to a specific firewall port not being open, we've taken action on it and the relevant port will be open really soon for the clients to successfully "talk" with other clients coming from the "outside world".


Our wiki had a really quick maintenance [2] that upgraded it to the latest available MoinMoin's release. (1.9.7) This release takes in a stronger password encryption (it's not based on SHA anymore, but on PASSLIB instead), I would suggest anyone to change their password as soon as possible.

In addition to the above, I've cleaned up a bit inactive users, deleted and trashed pages: 

1. inactive users (users that registered but never did a single edit since the time they registered their account) were around 23000 (loads of spammers), the current amount of registered and active users went to 6000. Editing pages became really too slow, MoinMoin currently checks each of the registered user's subscriptions list for eventually notifying the user about the change that occurred on the page being edited. That process was taking around 9-10 seconds, and that was actually expected with an amount of 29000 registered users.
2. deleted pages (pages that were marked as 'Deleted' on the wiki) got moved from the data/ directory of to a backup directory and the cache was cleaned for the changes to take place.
3. trashed pages (pages that were marked as 'Trashed' on the wiki) got moved from the data/ directory of to a backup directory and the cache was cleaned for the changes to take place.



Our Services bot was enhanced with MeetBot, more details are available at [3]. Make good use of it!



I've been working during the past week on the KGB Bot [4] (it has been a pain to package dozen of perl libraries!), which is a little IRC bot capable of sendind out notifications when a commit occurs on a specific git repository. I'm currently waiting the RH IT to open the specific port on the firewall for the kgb-client to communicate correctly with the bot which is hosted on a machine outside the datacenter where runs. I'll make sure to send out an additional mail when the service is ready to go accepting new requests.

That should be all for now, have an awesome weekend!




Debian Developer,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Sysadmin,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman


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