hildon-desktop statubar.conf file

Title: hildon-desktop statubar.conf file

When we add new statusbar plugins we're required to append an entry to /etc/hildon-desktop/statusbar.conf .  We don’t want the plugin pkg to edit these files owned by hildon-desktop but it is inconvenient to go back and update hildon-desktop project each time a new plugin is made.  We're looking for a good way to allow new plugin packages to be installed and visible in the statusbar without having to modify hildon-desktop.  One suggestion was to use some folder like statusbar.d (similar to /etc/apt/sources.list.d) for additional configuration additions.  Another was to just have some entry in /etc/hildon-desktop/statusbar.conf like [*] which would put all the /usr/share/hildon-status-bar/* plugins not already listed.

This scenario may also be desireable for any container where plugin order and size are not required.

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