Tagging hildon packages


Below is the list of latest tags in sardine.packages for the modules
listed in http://live.gnome.org/Hildon/MigrationToGnome

I know we didn't exactly have release candidates or other release
process, but could the maintainers tag their releases as '2.0.0' when
you think it's good to call stable?

If '2.0.0' doesn't make sense for a module, feel free to use a version
number that makes sense and indicates a "stable" release (as opposed to
constantly being developed in random ways.)

module                   latest tag
hail		         <missing?>
hildon-1 (libhildon)       1.0.17-1
hildon-control-panel      1:2.0.0-1
hildon-desktop             0.0.39-1
hildon-fm (libhildonfm)    1_1.9.41
hildon-help                 1.9.5-1
hildon-input-method     1_1.99.29-1
hildon-theme-layout-4      0.14.0-1
hildon-theme-plankton      4.14.0-1
hildon-theme-tools          0.5.2-1
hildon-thumbnail             0.14
libhildonmime              1.9.11-1
sapwood                     3.0.0-1

Tommi Komulainen                            <tommi komulainen nokia com>

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