Re: Theme licensing

On Thu, 2007-07-26 at 16:09 +0200, ext Loïc Minier wrote:
>         Hi there,
>  It seems hildon-theme-layout-4 and hildon-theme-plankton are under some
>  "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5" license.  This license is
>  considered non-free by Debian (in fact I think Debian considers pretty
>  much all Creative Commons non-free, except some to be released 3.0
>  licenses).  This is an issue for distribution in the main archive of
>  the Hildon stack, especially for Debian.
>  Would it be possible to license these more permissively?  One option,
>  if you need some control, would be to have very permissive licenses,
>  but protect the uses by a somewhat permissive trademark policy which
>  requires renaming of the branding if the differences are too big.

Do you happen to have a concrete set of licenses you'd prefer? It would
then be fairly easy for us to cross check them with our preferences.

The intent of hildon-theme-layout is to not impose restrictions on
derived themes, so there shouldn't be a problem. And Plankton is our
brand free Tango style looks for Hildon.

Tommi Komulainen                            <tommi komulainen nokia com>

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