Theme licensing

        Hi there,

 It seems hildon-theme-layout-4 and hildon-theme-plankton are under some
 "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5" license.  This license is
 considered non-free by Debian (in fact I think Debian considers pretty
 much all Creative Commons non-free, except some to be released 3.0
 licenses).  This is an issue for distribution in the main archive of
 the Hildon stack, especially for Debian.

 Would it be possible to license these more permissively?  One option,
 if you need some control, would be to have very permissive licenses,
 but protect the uses by a somewhat permissive trademark policy which
 requires renaming of the branding if the differences are too big.

 If fixing the license isn't possible, is it possible to use alternate
 packages under a free license?

Loïc Minier

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