Re: [HIG] Capitalization

tor 2003-04-17 klockan 12.29 skrev Calum Benson:
> One thing the HIG doesn't say is whether these rules should apply to
> languages other than English... and to be perfectly honest, I don't know
> if they should or not.  (I'm really only talking at the level of
> "Sentence" and "Title" capitalisation here, which are the two styles the
> HIG talks about-- do all languages have those concepts?

Many languages, even languages closely related to English, don't have
the concept of what's referred to as book title capitalization in

As an example, using English-style book title capitalization instead of
sentence capitalization in anything written in Swedish (including all
forms of titles) would be considered a ridiculous form of spelling

So this highly language-dependant.


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