RE: [HIG] RE: [Usability]shouldn't action-area-border of GtkDialo gs be 6 by default?

> From: Christian Neumair [mailto:chris gnome-de org] 
> Am Fre, 2003-04-11 um 09.26 schrieb Murray Cumming Comneon com:
> >
> > and other similar bugs from the links here:
> >
> Thanks for pointing out those links.
> > The GTK+ developers have not declared a decision, but I 
> suspect that they
> > will refuse this.
> Well, some call them ignorant and arrogant, some call them 
> unflexible.

Really? That news to me, unless you mean that oGALAXYo loon.

> I
> won't do either, I just get the feeling that the GTK+/GNOME framework
> contributors belong to different fractions, some even completely
> ignoring that GNOME and it's concept *rely* on GTK+ and it's 
> developer's
> attendance to change code which may require many fixes in dependent
> applications.

I don't think that's true. They have to do things properly. I'm glad that
GTK+ doesn't look like libgnomeui. GNOME would be dead if it did.

It's _our_ fault that the HIG didn't exist earlier and that we didn't bring
this up earlier.

> Please, GTK+ developers, if you refuse to change this, explain
> exhaustively WHY you refuse it. Having transparent decision processes
> would be a great achievement.

Sooner or later it will be accepted or refused. GTK+ decision are, in
general, properly justified. That's one of it's strengths.

> > I think we should maybe add a HIG_DEFAULT feature to
> > Glade, the .glade XML format, and libglade. And Glade 
> should use this by
> > default.
> That would be an UGLY workaround. Hey, why do we have to iron out such
> flaws on such a high level while a fix could easily be commited to a
> low-level component?

I think it might be the best solution. Everyone should be using libglade
anyway, and a default of 6 in GTK+ will make no difference if Glade sets all
the borders to 0 by default.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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