[HIG] Re: Parity between Gtk+ and the GNOME HIG

On Sun, 2002-11-17 at 22:43, Gregory Merchan wrote:

> What is to be done about this?  Looking at the changelog, Gtk+ developers
> seem to be busy with back-end or functional fixes and multi-head changes.
> I see little or no activity on the HIG. I've tried the route of filing
> or changing bug reports for Gtk+/HIG parity, but I'm getting nowhere with
> that; maybe I just suck at it.

Unfortunately I seem to be the only person with time to actively hack on
the HIG these days, and even that doesn't amount to more than an hour or
two every couple of weeks at the moment. I've closed out a few bugs
recently, but not nearly enough.  And in particular I'm not the best
person to know what needs fixing in gtk as opposed to the HIG, as I
don't really have enough day-to-day familiarity with hacking gtk code.

Obviously one solution would be for me to do more hacking to get a
better handle on this stuff, but I can't promise I'll have time to do
that any time soon :)  So I guess this is plea for volunteers with gtk
nous (and preferably some reasonable usability experience, or at least
interest) to give me a hand to help do something constructive with the
proposals that people like Greg, Jeff Cape and others have been
suggesting in recent weeks...


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