[HIG] Re: Parity between Gtk+ and the GNOME HIG

I guess the fix is in libwnck(CVS HEAD) and not in metacity. :)

2002-09-17  Havoc Pennington  <hp redhat com>

        * libwnck/window.c (update_transient_for): track a flag for
        whether we're really transient for an application window,
        or just marked transient for the root window.
        (update_state): only skip taskbar for dialogs that are
        really transient for an application (so standalone dialogs
        are still on the taskbar)


Calum Benson wrote:

> On Sun, 2002-11-17 at 22:43, Gregory Merchan wrote:
> > What is to be done about this?  Looking at the changelog, Gtk+ developers
> > seem to be busy with back-end or functional fixes and multi-head changes.
> > I see little or no activity on the HIG. I've tried the route of filing
> > or changing bug reports for Gtk+/HIG parity, but I'm getting nowhere with
> > that; maybe I just suck at it.
> Unfortunately I seem to be the only person with time to actively hack on
> the HIG these days, and even that doesn't amount to more than an hour or
> two every couple of weeks at the moment. I've closed out a few bugs
> recently, but not nearly enough.  And in particular I'm not the best
> person to know what needs fixing in gtk as opposed to the HIG, as I
> don't really have enough day-to-day familiarity with hacking gtk code.
> Obviously one solution would be for me to do more hacking to get a
> better handle on this stuff, but I can't promise I'll have time to do
> that any time soon :)  So I guess this is plea for volunteers with gtk
> nous (and preferably some reasonable usability experience, or at least
> interest) to give me a hand to help do something constructive with the
> proposals that people like Greg, Jeff Cape and others have been
> suggesting in recent weeks...
> Cheeri,
> Calum.
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