[HIG] Re: [Usability] Re: Decision: instant apply window buttons

On Mon, 2002-01-21 at 21:42, Christian Rose wrote:
> These are (3), which are not dialogs. They might be left open for any length
> of time.
Will that be the typical scenario? Most preference windows are large and
will get in the way if I (as a sighted user) leave them open. I think
it's safe to assume that the typical scenario for a lot of users will be
"open, make changes, dismiss", just like before.
For example, Gimp has a lot of small windows (tool options, palette, layers, etc that I keep open all the time) It would make me clicking close buttons all day if I didnt, since I need them most of the time. They are instant-apply too. And they are small, meant to be kept open. So does Photoshop and most of the graphics programs. As well as Staroffice/Openoffice "styles" palette on the word processor.


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